Meet the Real Stars of *Our* CABARET: Greg Mills

Compiled and edited by Kristina McCloskey


Greg Mills plays Herr Schultz/Max and breaks hearts in the upcoming No Stakes production of CABARET.

After a run of Act One, I cornered him with my journalistic zeal when all he was trying to do was go home and asked him my pressing questions. 


K: What was your first version of Cabaret?

G: I have hazy recollections of Liza’s version growing up, probably just shards of it. And then, really not – I think I saw the ’98 version when it came out, or stuff on the Rosie O’Donnell show. I never really invested in the play. So, it wasn’t until I was cast that I began to dive it, and about a month ago I saw the touring production, the current one out that is modeled after the ’98 version.


K: What is your favorite song either in the Cabaret canon or our production?

G: Right now, coming off this run? I mean…"Money" is a pretty hot track. Of course I’m partial to "Married".


K: Why is "Money" a hot track?

G: Just the rhythm of it, the dancing, the way our choreography is. You know what –  before this I didn’t really like that song, so I’m starting to warm up to it. Ask me in a month.


K: Why this story now?

G: Why THIS story now? Oh. Well. Well, the obvious thing is there’s a bit of a political concern in our country. It’s interesting to note this play was chosen before our current administration was selected, so the stars are lining up. Also, because Erin really likes it.

For me, it’s good to play [Schultz]. I’m single and I’m older, so this is making me think a lot about…some stuff. Without weeping, openly. Kind of – it’s never too late. is too late. 


Curious to learn more about this fascinating character? Wondering if he ever made it home or if I launched into a detailed exposé of his life? You'll never know unless you join us at Berger Park's Coach House for CABARET, with previews starting April 20th! Grab your tickets here